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TETHICS PTY (LTD) is a cybersecurity company registered and operating in Lesotho.

The company provides cybersecurity and information security services for organizations in Lesotho, with a consideration to expand its footprint globally.

About us

The company provides

Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Penetration testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Education, Cybersecurity Incident Response Training, Information Security Controls auditing, Information Security Policies consultancy, Computer Forensic Investigation, Security product implementation Organizational security management.

TETHICS is the first cybersecurity company in Lesotho that is owned by five (5) Basotho shareholders with their experience ranging across Cybersecurity, Information Security and legal. The team is constituted of team members who are highly qualified in the subject matter.

With Cybercrimes and Information Security crimes predominantly on the rise,

threat actors take advantage of vulnerabilities in organizational network systems to compromise the organizations’ assets. Many organizations were affected by various cyberattacks : ransomware, data breaches, Denial of service etc. it was reported that these attacks resulted in financial losses to the organizations reported being in millions. Web sites/portals are one of the attack vectors the criminals can land on as they are exposed to the public and can be an open door to the internal workings of the hosting system and other internal systems.

TETHICS provides the required security services that help organizations to improve their security posture and better defend themselves against cyber-attacks.


To offer network and information security services and design cybersecurity solutions for organizations in the public and private sectors.


Our vision is to build a reputable cybersecurity brand that will become one of the top choices for businesses Maseru-Lesotho. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork


We only offer the best

Our Key Elements of focus

Operational Security

The implementation of an effective operational security program ensures that there is no inadvertent exposure to sensitive information or classified information relating to the activities, intentions or capacities of your organization. Without OPSEC your organization may suffer death by thousands of cuts. It is not just one piece of information that causes damage; it is the accumulation of data over time that enables attackers to gather enough information to launch a cyber attack.

Network Security

It is about securing the infrastructure of the network connected from the core to the edge of the network perimeter. Network security consists of implementing an IT security policy and deploying network software and hardware to Protect all IT assets & resources, Protect network & infrastructure. ensure authorized access through essential components such as Firewalls,IPS,NAC,SIEM,DLP.etc

Application Security

There are common challenges organisations face due to the security of modern applications; This includes built-in vulnerabilities, third-party and open-source vulnerabilities, Adopting a DevSecOps approach, finding qualified experts. Tethics offers the best practices around the core pillars of application security.

Disaster Recovery Planning

One objective of the Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Plan is to maintain business continuity and re-establish normalcy, operations in response to a cyber security incident. Key steps in developing a cyber-security disaster recovery plan include sensitive data, assets, risks, testing and stakeholder involvement.

Information Security

Tethics ensures that information and information systems are protected from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, alteration or destruction to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.


We have a team of qualified individuals

Moseli T'soeunyane

Chief Technology Officer

Neo Selematsela

Chief Operations Officer

Tumelo Masasa

Chief Executive Officer

Tieho Letsoara

Chief information officer

Mosa Chobokoane

Corporate Secretary